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Tiny4412 + 7" TFT Cortex-A9
Tiny4412+7" TFT cortex A9
KIT ARM11 Tiny6410 LCD 7 inch Android 2.3
tiny6410 LCD 7"
2.900.000 VNĐ
tiny2451 + 4.3 inch
Tiny2451 LCD 4.3"
2.200.000 VNĐ
LPC 1768 Board
LPC1768 LCD 3.2"
1.680.000 VNĐ
Tiny210 + 7" Capacitive cortex A8
Smart210sdk+7" TFT Capacitive 
3.000.000 VNĐ
Low Power RF Transceiver DRF7020D13
RF Transceiver 
380.000 VNĐ
JLink ARM JTAG Emulator
450.000 VNĐ
350.000 VNĐ
Raspberry Pi Model B +
Raspberry PI model B+
1.100.000 VNĐ
SP200S Enhance USB Programmer" TFT
SP200S Enhance
300.000 VNĐ
Mini210s+4.3" cortexA8 
3.000.000 VNĐ
Tiny6410 + 4,3 inch TFT
Tiny6410 LCD 4,3"
2.400.000 VNĐ

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KIT phát triển arrow KIT ARM arrow SAMSUNG arrow CORTEX A8 arrow Mini210S + 4.3 TFT

Mini210S + 4.3 TFT

Giá: 3.000.000 VNĐ
Có trong kho: 3


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[Hướng dẫn thanh toán]

OV9620 1.3MPixel CMOS Camera

OV9620 1.3MPixel CMOS Camera
500.000 VNĐ

850.000 VNĐ

Giảm 5% khoá học lập trình nhúng khi mua hàng tại pnlab chi tiết khoá học tại đây






Tiny210 is a high-performance Cortex-A8 core board, from Guangzhou, a friendly arm of the design, production and distribution sales. It uses Samsung S5PV210 as the main processor, running at up to 1GHz. Integrated PowerVR SGX540 S5PV210 internal high-performance graphics engine, support for 3D graphics run smoothly, and can be smooth to play 1080P video of the large size.

Design style, mini210s uphold the Mini2440 and Mini6410 sense and simplicity "of the interface is complete, compact structure, reasonable layout, perfect for using the 4.3" HD LCD; Mini210s with 512M DDR2 memory and a 4GB MLC NAND Flash ( 16bit ECC), using the built-in Class D amplifier WM8960 audio chip, can be very convenient to direct output to 8Ω 1W speaker; Mini210s Huan with miniHDMI the HD output, USB 2.0 CMOS camera interface, 8x8 matrix keyboard and other interfaces, power circuit to support low-power standby power saving mode; Therefore, it is very suitable for developing high-end MID, Android Tablet PC, Car PC, multimedia terminals, smart home, Internet of Things terminals and other high-end mobile devices.

Thanks to our well-developed Superboot, users can be very simple to use only TF card can update or install a variety of systems.

Hardware configuration
CPU processor
  • The samsung S5PV210, based on the Cortex ™-A8, running at 1GHz
  • High-performance graphics engine built-in PowerVR SGX540
  • 2D/3D graphics acceleration to support the smooth
  • Supports up to 1080p @ 30fps hardware decoding and smooth video playback, the format can be MPEG4, H.263, H.264,
  • Supports up to 1080p @ 30fps the hardware encoding (Mpeg-2/VC1,) video input
DDR2 RAM memory
  • Size: 512MB
  • 32bit data bus, single-channel
FLASH memory
  • The MLC of NAND Flash: 4GB (Standard)
  • Of SLC NAND Flash: Support of SLC NAND Flash: 256M/512M/1GB, (quantities optional)
LCD display
  • LCD: 41Pin, 1.0mm pitch, to compatible Mini2440/Mini6410 LCD display, support to front-line touch with 1 I2C and 3-way interruption, 1 channel PWM output
  • miniHDMI HD connector (Type C)
  • LCD support from 3.5 inches to 12.1 inches, the screen resolution up to 1024x768 pixels
Network (including wireless)
  • A 10/100M Ethernet RJ45 interface (using DM9000AEP)
Standard interface resources
  • A DB9 serial RS232 five lines (another four TTL level serial)
  • A mini USB 2.0 Slave-the OTG interface: Another leads through the 2.0mm interface Block
  • 1 channel 3.5mm stereo audio output interface, a road in the board microphone input, 1 channel external speaker interface (direct drive 8Ω 1W speaker)
  • 11 USB Host 2.0 interface
  • A standard TF card socket
  • 5V DC voltage input: The Interface Model for DC-23B
On-board use of resources
  • An I2C-EEPROM chip (256byte), mainly used to test the I2C bus
  • User LED (green)
  • 4 Celi key (interrupt resources pin)
  • An adjustable resistance for ADC conversion test
  • A PWM control buzzer
  • On-board real-time clock backup battery
External expansion interface resources
  • 4 serial Tower: TTL level, 2.0mm spacing; CON1, 2 five-wire serial port, CON3, 4 three-wire serial port.
  • A JTAG interface: 10pin 2.0mm pitch
  • LCD Interface: 41pin 1.0mm pitch Chip Block
  • MIPI interface: 24pin 2.0mm pitch double-needle
  • An SDIO interface: 20pin 2.0mm pitch, you can access the SD WiFi, which also includes a road SPI and I2C interfaces)
  • A CMOS camera interface: 20pin 2.0mm pitch, with simultaneous access of 2-way, to achieve before and after camera
  • A 8x8 matrix keyboard interface: 20pin 2.0mm pitch, can be connected using a 8x8 matrix keyboard
  • A GPIO interface: 30pin, 2.0mm pitch, contains a surplus of AD input, the interrupt pin, I2S, I2C, SPI,, the PWM port input / output
  • Size: 110 x 110 (mm)
Software support (see the detailed features described later)
  • Superboot-210
  • Android 2.3 + Linux-2.6.35
  • Android 4.0 (provisional Preview image file)
  • Linux-2.6.35 + Qtopia-2.2.0/Qt-4.4.3/Qt-4.7
  • WindowsCE6
Mechanical Dimensions

OV9620 1.3MPixel CMOS Camera

OV9620 1.3MPixel CMOS Camera
500.000 VNĐ

850.000 VNĐ


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